Twitter wants you to retweet with TikTok-like reaction videos

Everyone wants a little of that magic.

The new test feature will allow people to post video reactions to a message instead of using the old-fashioned way of quoting it. The company has been experimenting with new products for a while now, and may they rest in peace.

We want to make it easier for you to join the conversation and express yourself. We are testing a new feature on the App Store that will allow you to Quote Tweet with a reaction video or photo, and you can even take a photo with it.
Here is my take.
January 6, 2022.

The test is limited to the iPad only and allows users to quote from the retweet menu. The reaction videos are called "Tweet Takes" and they play with the embedded tweets, which is fun if you are a fan of TikTok. The test is wide and how likely it is to make it into the final product is something that was brought to the attention of the site by the writer.

The feature is only being tested with a small group of users and will be monitored to see how it goes. The company wants to give users more creative ways to express themselves, which tracks with its generally experimental vibe lately.

Last month, the photo sharing service added its own version of TikTok's video replies to encourage people to reply to comments on posts. It makes sense that video replies would be integrated into the existing TikTok clone. It might not make sense on the social network, but we prefer the product approach to the previous strategy of making no changes in the app for years and hoping for the best.

Users can reply to comments with Reels.

There are huge bonuses for posting on Reels.