KFC Will Now Start Selling Fake Chicken Nationwide

The fast food chain will bring plant-based chicken to restaurants nationwide next week.

The fried chicken chain collaborated with Beyond Meat to create a chicken breast alternative that mimicked the consistency of ground chicken.

Kevin Hochman, US president of Kentucky Fried Chicken, told CNBC that the customer wants to eat more plant-based products. January is a time of New Year's resolutions and wanting to do something different in your diet.

The piece is a portfolio.

The collaboration between Beyond Meat and the parent company of Kentucky Fried Chicken resulted in other similar meat alternative products being used by other brands.

3D Bioprinting Solutions in Moscow, Russia, started testing chicken nuggets made with them in 2020. The same company is working to print human tissues in space as well.

The future is based on plants.

There was a plant-based meat product on Monday. The plant-based chorizo product is available at the restaurants nationwide on the same day.

It is safe to say that plant-based meat products are here to stay. We will see more and more businesses join the meatless bandwagon as long as it is tasty, and we are here for it.

There is a plan by Kentucky Fried Chicken to make plant-based fried chicken nationwide.

The same company 3D printing the same food in space as well.

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