Jim Harbaugh should get out while the gettin’s good

Jim Harbaugh is no longer at the University of Michigan.

There is nothing left for him to do except to fall back into the hole he was in prior to this season, have his reputation sullied and his existence mocked.

You don't want to go back into the hole when you climb out.

Harbaugh should get a new pair of khaki pants, load his wife and kids in his station wagon, and head for the hills.

Harbaugh, run!

That is correct. Harbaugh should move it out of Michigan.

He should grab the head coaching job in the National Football League if it is available, the loot that comes with it, and leave his alma mater.

The report on Tuesday that the NFL is once again on the table for Harbaugh comes as no surprise. Harbaugh could be tempted to leave college and return to the pro ranks, according to a report in The Athletic.

Harbaugh, 58, might have something to do with that. He finally had a bad season with the UM, but they won the Big Ten title and reached the College Football Playoffs for the first time in school history.

That should be a reason to celebrate.

Michigan had a 2-4 record during a shortened season in 2020. It was so bad that he had to take a huge pay cut, going from $8 million a season to $4 million in accepting a new four-year extension.

Harbaugh was toxic at that time. He was thought to be a fraud. The alumni were against him. The Detroit Lions were looking for a head coach at the time, and nobody in the NFL was interested in him.

Harbaugh's coaching career was at the cliff's edge.

He bounced back in a big way this season. There is no denying that.

Harbaugh's stock may never be higher again.

This is the time to make a move because there are some attractive jobs that will be open. There is a chance that the New York Giants could have an opening.

Harbaugh was the most successful coach in professional football. He led the San Francisco 49ers to three straight games in the playoffs, including a loss to his brother John in the Super Bowl.

There aren't many coaches who have that on their resume. He was a winner in the NFL. Harbaugh wants to win a Super Bowl in the NFL.

Winning a National Championship in college is a million times harder than winning a Superbowl. The SEC is a monster. The Michigan team, which was ranked second this season, was demolished by Georgia. The Michigan team looked like it didn't belong on the field.

Harbaugh should have paused and realized that he can't win at Michigan.

No one can.

Bo Schembechler was the legendary coach. He was 5-12 in bowl games and never won a national championship.

Lloyd Carr won a mythical national championship at the University of Michigan. Michigan was voted the top state by the AP Poll. The Coaches Poll voted Nebraska the top team. The title was shared by the two schools.

It is not impressive given Michigan's history in college football.

Harbaugh could be beloved like Bo. He might get a statue for not winning like Bo.

The fans at Michigan seem to only care about being relevant and beating Ohio State. They are used to not winning a national title. They are protected.

The fanbase was salty at Harbaugh because of the five losses to the Buckeyes.

Ohio State isn't going anywhere so that can easily turn. Michigan can be sure that Ohio State will be back next season.

Harbaugh should leave Dodge with his hind still intact.