Texas just had its hottest December since 1889

It was the warmest December in more than 130 years in Texas last month.

The state has had its warmest December on record since 1889, according to a regents professor at Texas A&M University.

The entire state moved south for the winter. Austin got its normal temperatures, Dallas got its normal temperatures, and Corpus Christi got its normal temperatures.

It will probably be the warmest winter month since the beginning of comprehensive weather records, as it is by far the warmest December since.

February is the warmest winter month in Texas with an average temperature of 58.6 degrees.

The official state record for warmest December is 53.3 degrees. The 20th-century average for December is 46.9 degrees.

Texas has never had a month more than 10 degrees above the 20th century average.

He thinks that December will be 12 degrees warmer than the long-term average.

December 1889 seems to have been one other December in recorded history with comparable warmth.

December 1889 was an unusual month because of serving practices. The first cold front of the month was on December 29th.

The very warm weather has made the Texas drought situation worse.

The hot weather has made the situation worse. More than two-thirds of the state is in some form of dry weather.

It hasn't rained for over two months in a lot of West Texas. The high temperatures lead to increased wildfire risk.

Texas' seasonal temperatures are two degrees warmer than they were in the 20th century.

He says that global warming contributed to the margin of victory.

Texas A&M University.