Rocket League is gearing up for its annual Halloween event with its upcoming crossover with Netflix's Stranger Things. The game's usual arena will be skinned to resemble the series' Upside Down location, and the series' featured creature the Mind Flayer will occupy the field.

Although it's currently unknown if the creature will affect gameplay, developer Psyonix noted that players should "make sure to look after your teammates." Of course, many vehicles will have Stranger Things cosmetics that can be purchased by earning in-game candy corn at the Haunted Hallows event store. Cosmetics include the Starcourt Mall logo, Dustin's Camp Know Where hat, a Demogorgon player banner and a Scoops Ahoy-themed avatar border.

Check out the trailer above and experience the Haunted Hallows event from October 14 through November 11.

In other gaming news, check out the newly revamped Special Ops mode in the new Modern Warfare trailer.

Stranger Things is coming to Rocket League throughout Haunted Hallows starting next week! Check out the full announcement, if you dare!

- Rocket League (@RocketLeague) October 9, 2019


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