Ida's Nut Roll Gravestone

Ida Kleinman had a nut roll recipe. She made her husband stand next to a ruler as she rolled the dough to make sure everything was perfect. The recipe for Ida's nut rolls was engraved on her tombstone because they were so beloved by her family.

Ida's recipe can be seen on her husband's grave at Rehovot Cemetery. The recipe consists of applying a mixture of strawberry jam, ground pecans, and cinnamon sugar to dough, rolling it up, baking it, and slicing into pieces. To hear her children tell it, Ida's care was special. Her son says that she had golden hands.
Even for non-Hebrew speakers, the Kleinmans' grave is easy to spot because it has a harmonica engraved in remembrance of the man who passed away. The Kleinman family story has a symbol. He attributed his strength to survive the Holocaust to his passion for music.
The Kleinmans' children have enjoyed sharing their story with the world, in addition to the personal importance of their parents memorial. After visiting the grave, Yossi sometimes stands nearby to watch other people experience it. A person might smile after taking note of a recipe. Someone might take out a sheet of paper and copy it down.
This is what we wanted, he says. People walk by and smile.