CES 2022: Targus Debuts Backpack That Supports 'Find My' App Without an AirTag

Sounds cool. The new update to the FindMy app makes the tracking feature useless, because anyone who was close to you could just disabling it. No thanks.

The Find My app has been improved with the release of the iOS 15.2 beta. There's a new feature that allows users to find items that might be tracking them.

There's an option for "Items that can track me" when you open the Find My app after installing it. Users can use this to find nearby items that might be used to track their location.

The Unknown Items feature scans for anything that's nearby, and will let users know if there's a device that belongs to someone else nearby. If an item is detected, Apple gives instructions on how to uninstall the device so that it can't be used for tracking.

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