Premier League: 'You're constantly in pain

The Christmas schedule was not something I found to be a burden on my life. You got used to it, it was always something that was given.

I didn't pay much attention to the fact that players in Spain and Germany had time off. When December came along, it was time to really knuckle down on recovery.

You don't really train because the games are so fast. There's a lot of focus on eating the right foods, getting enough sleep, and maybe doing more gym work instead of being out on the training pitch.

You're grouping yourself back together between games. You can't escape the pain during that time. Pre-season gives you the foundation to get through those tough periods.

You have to manage yourself in games when your body is weak. It can be manic for 60 minutes and then teams hit a brick wall. The players are trying to manage themselves and find ways to conserve energy.

The players were exhausted at the end of the game, which was played on Sunday.

Most training grounds are places you'd like to be at and things have gotten more high-tech since I finished playing. The technology is better for helping players through this period.

The Christmas schedule is a hot topic. I don't know if it's just because of Covid or if we have more foreign coaches in the league now, but there's a lot more noise around how busy it is.

The demands of playing during Christmas for players from European countries is something that they are not used to and it is difficult for the coaches to get their heads around it.

I have been conditioned for so long that Christmas is what I am conditioned to be. If we had a monster game, you were already thinking about when to go to bed, so you are not really in Christmas mode.

It was not negative. It wasn't something I didn't like. I would have liked to see what impact time off would have on my career and body. It's a part of football history in England and I don't want to see it change.

Manchester City have won 11 games in a row and are 10 points in front of second place.

The next part of your season can be defined by the Christmas period. Manchester City have had an unbelievable Christmas and it could be the difference between winning the title and not, because the other teams have not been able to handle the pressure.

It's possible that they're at a disadvantage because they're one of the only teams not to have a game called off. I think it was the right decision to continue playing, and I think by March and April the clubs who were able to push through it will be thankful.

The squad these days are built for a tough schedule, even though you feel it on your body. The teams in Europe who have big squads to cope with two XIs are the ones who are complaining the most. I don't have much sympathy for it.

I would make some changes. It's ridiculous to have a two-legged semi-final.

Pick a neutral ground and play in a semi-final. There's no need for any of the other teams to play twice over the next few weeks. The only thing that will happen is that the FA Cup will be diminished.

The FA Cup has made life easier for teams with no more replays and I think it's time for the EFL Cup to look at whether they need that two-legged semi-final. I don't think it's good for anyone.

In the second leg of the League Cup semi-finals, I was a part of the Spurs team that beat the Gunners 5-1 and went on to win the trophy. It doesn't work for a lot of teams now.

The opening goal by Jermaine Jenas was the difference as Spurs defeated the Gunners in the second leg of the League Cup semi-finals and went on to win the trophy.

I don't see why some teams have to play two league games in three days.

Your body did not recover after a day of rest. It isn't enough and it puts players at risk. It seems unnecessary and the players should be given another day.

Teams would have to give up a couple of weeks to have a break. In other countries, it works because they only have one cup competition, so I don't think it works there.

I would like to see a two week window for the player's welfare. I know I would have benefited from it.

The battle is making room for it. The only way it will happen is if the number of teams in the premier league is reduced. I wouldn't want them.

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