Brazilian President Bolsonaro Taken To Hospital With Suspected Intestinal Obstruction, Doctor Says

January 3, 2022, 06:49am.

The president was hospitalized early Monday with abdominal pain, which his medical team suspects may be an obstruction of the colon, a condition that may be related to a stab wound he received during his presidential campaign.

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After landing in Sao Paolo on a Brazilian Air Force plane, Bolsonaro was taken to a hospital in the city.

The leader of Brazil had to shorten his vacation in Santa Catarina.

The surgeon who operated on Bolsonaro will fly to Sao Paolo from the Bahamas on Monday to treat him.

It is not clear if Bolsonaro will need surgery to treat his condition.

Macedo thinks Bolsonaro's issue could be an "intestinal sub-occlusion". He said that he would have a CT Scan and more tests to find out what was in his abdomen. We don't know what caused it, but it could have been caused by bad food.

The key background.

The leader of Brazil has been hospitalized several times. In July of last year, Bolsonaro was taken to the same hospital in Sao Paolo after he had a problem with his bicyle. He was in the hospital for four days and did not have to have surgery. He had at least four surgical interventions due to the stab wound.

The doctor says Bolsonaro was taken to the hospital with abdominal pain.