‘Recipe for disaster.’ Gulfport police chief begs witnesses to come forward in mass shooting

New York City Mayor Eric Adams called the emergency services to report an assault he witnessed on his first day on the job.

The Russian and Czech Republic world junior hockey teams were removed from a New Year's Eve flight from Canada to Germany after other passengers said the Russian squad caused a commotion by smoking and refusing to wear masks. The police did not respond to requests for further information, and the statement did not say who caused the commotion or if there were any arrests. Air Canada had yet to respond to a request.

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The 21 people who were stuck in the tram cars at the Sandia Peak Tramway were rescued, but one passenger is still stuck.

A woman was lying at the edge of a driveway in Yellow Springs, about 15 miles outside of Dayton, when a phone call came in. The caller said he could see blood coming out of her head. It doesn't look like she's breathing. The sheriff's office responded to the call and could see that the victim was already gone. "T."

The good fight was fought by you, Coach. School officials said in a social media post that they loved the coach who died after battling COVID-19.

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Mary Miller, who has embraced the far right elements of the party's ideology, announced Saturday she will challenge five-term GOP U.S. Rep. Miller did not say where she would run until she got Trump's support.

A celebration with a makeshift fire pit turned tragic in the Gaston Point community. Here is more.

I want him to lose his job.

The stock market can be predicted with up to 87.4% accuracy.

An African-American voters rights organization is calling for police in Pittsburgh to arrest the person responsible for the death of a Black man. Despite weeks.

Barry Bonds is on the Baseball Hall of Fame ballot for the final time.

Deonte Harris' name change will not be recognized by the NFL.

It was good.

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The national championship game will have early score predictions. Do you agree with the experts?

The governor of Maryland and his administration were found to be using a messaging app that deleted messages after 24 hours, and kept their internal communications private.

According to reports, Jeanine Ann Roose, best known for her role in the holiday classic film It's a wonderful life, died Friday night at her Los Angeles home after battling an infection. She was 84 years old. In the 1940s and ’50s, he worked as a child actor. Her role was that of Little Violet.

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Several people from Vietnam were smuggled into China in violation of China's closed-border COVID-zero policies.

Several cases involving the late sex offender and the financier's estate are still going on.

The newsroom is sad. The Mary Tyler Moore Show has had five major figures pass in the next five years. Ed Asner, Cloris Leachman, and Jay Sandrich died in the year that just ended. There was a coincidence in the timing of the losses of these legends.

It takes weeks for drivers to get a portable tire inflator.

John Robinson and John Madden have known each other for a long time. John Robinson talked about his relationship with the Hall of Fame coach.

The Mall of America was placed on a temporary lock down on New Year's Eve after two people were shot and wounded. Shoppers ran for cover and the mall was evacuated until the lockdown ended about 45 minutes later, a mall official said during a news briefing. Kim Clauson said police and mall security arrived within a minute of the shooting.

Key West police are looking for two people who lit a Christmas tree on fire in front of the Key West buoy, causing extensive damage to the landmark.