Bernard Kerik provides batch of documents to Jan. 6 select committee

One of the key questions the panel is probing as part of its broader investigation into attempts to overturn the election is Trump's consideration of the option.

It is not clear if the letter is related to the same plan or if Trump was aware of it. It was described as privileged because it was an attorney work product.

Emails between Kerik and his associates were included in a document provided to the panel. The panel subpoenaed Kerik because it was investigating the so-called war room at the Willard Hotel, where Trump allies met to plan how to prevent Congress from certifying Joe Biden's victory. The panel sent a letter with a subpoena that wrongly said that Kerik was in the war room.

The new materials were not commented on by the select committee.

Parlatore told the committee that the former police commissioner would be willing to speak with the panel, but he expressed concerns about the conditions of the interview and whether a transcript and recording would be released immediately after.

The panel demanded a deposition after Parlatore sent a letter to the committee. He was upset by the committee's reversal of their voluntary interview.

He said in a text message that they seem more interested in creating an appearance of noncompliance than conducting an investigation.

A 22-page document titled "STRATEGIC COMMUNICATIONS PLAN - GIULIANI PRESIDENTIAL LEGAL DEFENSE TEAM" describes a 10-day effort to get Republican House and Senate members to vote against certifying the 2020 election results. The document states that the effort was focused on six swing states: Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

The document states that the main channels of dissemination of messaging on these efforts were "presidential" and other channels. A list of "key team members" supporting the effort included "Freedom Caucus Members", a reference to the group of hardline House conservatives who supported Trump's effort to overturn the election.

Rudy Giuliani, "Peter Navarro Team" and "identified legislative leaders" are listed in each of the swing states.

The document described a list of actions the group intended to organize, including "protests at weak members' homes," "protests at local officials homes/offices" and "protests in DC - rally for key House and Senate members."

It's not clear if Kerik would appear for an interview or a deposition. The deposition process of the panel was called "fatally flawed" by Parlatore in a December letter. The panel rejected those arguments before.

Parlatore said they hoped the committee would agree to conditions allowing the full disclosure of all documents.