10 New Airlines That Commenced Operations in 2021

New airlines are entering the market in the year 2021. There are 10 airlines that started operations in the year of 2021.

1. The airline is called ITA Airways.

Italia Trasporto Aereo is the new flag carrier of Italy. 13 months ago on 11 November 2020, the airline was founded, and began operations on 15 October 2021. The Rome Fiumicino Airport-based airline offers flights to destinations in France, Egypt, Germany, Greece, Israel, Malta and the Netherlands. The US, Japan, Luxemburg, and Argentina are all expected to have flights in the near future.

The airline's logo and website were bought. It has a fleet of former Alitalia aircraft. It has seven A330s in the widebody sector.

In the future, the airline will be taking delivery of around 84 aircraft, including 22 A 220s, 19 A320Neos and 20 A321Neos. The carrier has also ordered a number of A350-900s and A330-900s. Domestic or regional flights will be served by the A 220s. The deliveries are expected to start in 2022.

The new Italian flag carrier expects to fly to the US with the new A330s and A350s. The airline plans to start flights to Boston, Miami, Washington DC, Los Angeles and Chicago in the next few years.

The photo is from ITA Airways.

2. Breeze Airways.

David Neeleman is the founder of Breeze Airways, as well as the creator of other popular airlines like WestJet and JetBlue. It was founded in July of last year. Breeze was founded as Moxy Airways, but later changed to Breeze because it clashed with Marriott's "Moxy Hotels" trademark. The first flight for the new airline was from the airport to the airport.

Breeze Airways Inaugural Flight was reported in the trip report.

Breeze had a plan to fly from small regional airports in a point-to-point model. Longer flights to Europe and South America were considered. Second-hand E190s and E195s were used to launch flights sooner than the 60 A220-300s the airline ordered.
The Cottonwood Heights, Utah based airline flies to a number of cities with a fleet of 14 aircraft. The flights to Islip and West Palm Beach are expected to start in early 2022.

The airline currently focuses on five flights. Breeze Airways expects to have 112 more aircraft in the next few years. The airline has a fleet of A220-300, 10 E190s, and three E195s. There are more than 70 A 220s, six E190s and 27 E195s on order.

Breeze Airways has announced routes and service from 16 cities.

3. Discover Eurowings.

Eurowings Discover is a new airline that wants to serve long-haul leisure routes. It has a fleet of 10 aircraft.

The airline started operations in July of 2021. On the first day, the airline flew from Frankfurt to Mombasa and from Frankfurt to Zanzibar. The new airline will face challenges from other airlines. The airline made several mid-haul leisure routes their responsibility in September of 2021.

Eurowings Discover is flying to destinations in the Caribbean, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Jamaica, and the United States.

There will be flights to new destinations in Canada, Greece, Italy, Mexico, Portugal, Spain, and the United States. The airline has a fleet of three A320s and seven A330s. The airline is expecting seven A320s and four A330s from its sister airlines.
4. A flyr.

Flyr is a new Norwegian low-cost carrier that flies to multiple European destinations in and out of Norway. The airline started regular flights on June 30, 2021. The new airline is flying to eight destinations.

The low-cost carrier was founded in August of 2020. The airline flies to a number of domestic destinations.

The airline currently has five Boeings, and one will come from FlyDubai soon. There is an order for six Boeing MAX 8 jets with an option for four more. New aircraft will be delivered in 2022.

Flyr B737-800. Wikimedia Commons has a photo source.

5. Avelo Airlines.

Avelo entered the American ultra-low-cost airline market in 2021. The first flight for the new airline was from Burbank to Santa Rosa, California. The airline is based in Houston, Texas and operates out of Hollywood Burbank Airport.

The New Haven airport's facilities will be getting a US$1.2 million investment from the airline. The base for Boeing would be in Burbank. The airline flies to Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Nevada and Washington. Burbank and New Haven are where the airline is based. The airline has three Boeing 738s acquired from Southwest airlines. The -800s are based in Burbank, whereas the -700s are based in New Haven.
The photo is from Avelo.

Avelo Airlines is America's new airline.

6. Play airlines.

Play is a new carrier. It is based in the country's capital of Reykjavk. Six months ago, the airline began operations. The airline has a fleet of four aircraft. The airline had 135 employees as of November 2021.

The establishment of a new airline with 14 destinations in the US and Europe was planned by former WOW Air executives. They expected a million passengers in the first year. The airline name was changed to Play.

Six destinations in Europe were selected to launch flights, including Alicante, Tenerife, London, Paris, and Berlin. The airline only received landing permits for three airports, so operations were not planned to start with two A321Neos.

The airline applied for permission to fly to the US in August of 2021. The airline offers flights to Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, and London. There will be regular flights to Boston in 2022.

The airline has one A320neo and an order for four more of the same type. The airline has three A321neos and is expecting one more. The airline will get new aircraft in the next two years.

Play Air will launch flights in June.

7. United Nigeria Airlines

United Nigeria Airlines is a new Nigerian private airline company with an office in the capital city of the country. The airline received its accreditation in February of 2021. The airline flies to and from the airport. The airline was founded in 2020. The airline intended to fly to four cities with a fleet of four aircraft.

The airline received the ERJ-145LR jets in the second half of 2020. On February 1, 2021, the airline was granted an operating certificate. Only the initial AOC is valid. On its first flight, the airline flew from Murtala Muhammed International Airport to Akanu Ibiam International Airport.

The new airline flies to all Nigerian cities. The airline will receive two more aircraft in the coming years, and four ERJ-145LRs fly flights to these destinations.

The United Nigeria Airlines EMB-145 jet is a Jet. United Nigeria Airlines.

8. Aha!

It is officially Aha! ExpressJet uses a brand name called Travel Management Company for flights between Reno-Tahoe International Airport and other US cities. The airline flew its first revenue flight on September 30, 2021.

Aha! The airline will work with resorts, casinos, and attractions in Reno and Tahoe to offer better value to passengers on a vacation passage.

The airline currently flies to four states in the US: California, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington. The airline plans to fly to 20 more destinations in the coming years. The fleet consists of four aircraft.


9. Wizz Air is based in Abu Dhabi.

Wizz Air Abu Dhabi is a joint venture between ADQ and Wizz Air, which owns 51 percent of the carrier. The airline was established to serve the growing market of the Middle East, Africa, and the Indian subcontinent. Jozsef Vradi, CEO of Wizz Air, believes the airline could have up to 100 aircraft in its fleet in 15 years.

The first flight left from Abu Dhabi to Athens. The airline flies to a number of countries, including Armenia, Albania, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Bahrain, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Cyprus, Georgia, Greece, Egypt, Georgia, Israel, Kazakhstan, and more. There are four A321neos in the airline's fleet.
The photo is from Gulf News.

10. Air Premia.

Air Premia is based in South Korea. Kim was the former president of Jeju Air. The airline started operations in August of 2021. It has a fleet of just one aircraft and is based at Incheon International Airport.

The airline had originally planned to lease three 787-9 aircraft. The initial flights would be to regional Asian destinations. The airline wants to operate flights to the United States and Australia.

The airline began domestic flights from South Korea to Jeju in April 2021. Domestic flights ended in August. The airline is going to have up to ten planes. The airline has two more 787-9s on order.

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