What Are Airline Quarterly Schedule Changes And Why They Matter

If you book airline flights at least three months in advance, you may have experienced a quarterly schedule change.

The green bars show schedule changes in the Alaska Airlines mobile app.

The schedule is changed quarterly.

The airlines have a booking window of eleven months.

When the airline is in the driver's seat.

If your departure time is changed by less than 60 minutes, it is a minor change.

When you are in a car.

If an airline schedule change results in a longer departure or arrival time, you have more power to rebook a flight of your choice.

My new nonstop flight is from HNL to PDX. The overnight stayover replaced the two-leg flight.

Layovers were forced.

If the airline changes your flight schedule and you can't make a connecting flight, you may be in a forced layover position.

You are free to choose the flight schedule of your choice without a fare increase if you are in a schedule change that exceeds 60 minutes.
The cost of your hotel stay and breakfast will most likely be picked up by the airline.

My new return flight schedule has an overnight connection at Seattle.

The return flight from Charleston, South Carolina to Seattle and Portland, Oregon no longer allows me to arrive home on the same day.

The customer service desk at the airport has complimentary hotel and breakfast vouchers.
The vouchers are worth $150.00 per person.
Alaska Airlines has a mileage plan.

I can either reserve a room at the rate or use the points.

The credit vouchers were going to be more valuable to me than either the hotel or meal vouchers.
I can get my hotel and meal vouchers from the plane.

A companion is flying with a separate reservation.

If you don't link your reservations, you and your companion could end up on different flights.

You can open your reservation.
Click on the button.
You can add the last name to your reservation.

The link reservation button can be used to link a companion to your reservation.

Be proactive.

You need to be proactive when it comes to schedule changes.

Final thoughts.

If you find yourself in a forced layover, you should let the airline reservation agent know how you want to be re booked.