Aaaand we’re back to the start

This is my last mourning after 2021, and it feels like the first. We sprinted around the track and ended up back where we started. I guess Jerry Seinfeld described horse racing. We were here! What was the rush?

The stories are the same. The NHL and NBA seasons are not representative of the people who live there. We might know in February or March. We had crowds in January of 2021. You can't think of a good idea when you see crowds at sporting events. Or maybe, "That probably won't last very long."

Organizations are trying to see what they can get away with. The World Junior Championship was canceled yesterday by the IIHF because they couldn't force through a TV contract. They canceled the women's U-18s for a second year in a row. That doesn't mean the IIHF took all the precautions they could to make sure the tournament went off without a hitch. The US and Czech teams were sharing a hotel with the general public for a wedding reception. This is in the state of Alberta, which is the most populous state in Canada and the most populous state when it comes to handling Covid.

The NBA and NFL wanted to shorten the isolation periods for their players that test positive, and the CDC went along with that. Did they have people's health at the top of their minds? Was it to keep the industry running as normal as possible? The playoffs in the NFL are just a couple weeks away.

A lot of fans feel like they're out of the picture when watching sports. You watch NBA, NHL, or even the Premier League, and wonder what it is you are watching, as teams stripped down to the bare bones outside the arena or gathered guys up from the local Y. It is not what you are used to. It is the same feeling as watching games in empty buildings. What is this? It feels like you are playing a game you have come for. A picture of a person.

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