A Russian Spacecraft Is Stranded in Low Earth Orbit

This is a bit embarrassing.
A Russian rocket is stuck in the sky after it suffered an engine failure.
The Angara A5 rocket was launched by Russia's state space agency as part of a demonstration. The graveyard is a region of space around Earth where satellites are typically directed to at the end of their operational lives.
The rocket's upper stage engine failed before it could reach its final destination. The rocket and dummy were stuck in low Earth orbit.
According to a reliable report on the Russian Novosti Kosmonavtiki forum, the upper stage of the Angara mission failed to perform its 2nd firings, which means that it is left stranded in a low parking orbit with a short life span.
Anatoly Zak is the author of Russian SpaceWeb.

Deathrocket 2: Electric Boogaloo.

The rocket is so low that it is expected to go through an uncontrollable reentry.
Some bits may reach the Earth surface because of the mass of the rocket and the payload.

This is very similar to China's Long March 5B rocket that came tumbling back down to Earth in an uncontrollable descent this spring. Long March weighed more than Russia's Deathrocket.

It is still pretty embarrassing for Russia's space efforts because of the controversy it has attracted in the past year.
It's enough to make us worry about a big rocket crashing on our houses.
Russia launches third and final Angara A5 demonstration mission.

The Russian newspaper published a take down of the Russian space program.

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