Feds Crack Down On ‘Nano Silver’ Covid Treatment–Only The Latest Unproven Cure

A New Jersey-based company has been ordered to stop distributing a product that it claimed was a cure for Covid-19, in the latest legal action against a product that has been recklessly promoted since the start of the Pandemic.

Since the beginning of the Pandemic, quack Covid cures have been a problem.


The company promoted a product that was mis branded as a drug, according to the DOJ.

The company was sued by the Justice Department for misbranding and was ordered to destroy all of its assets.

The legal action against the Los Angeles man who made pills he claimed could treat Covid began in March 2020.

Alex Jones was ordered by the federal government to stop marketing a line of toothpaste and gargle products as a Covid treatment, after he pushed fake cures.

The Genesis II Church of Health and Healing, a quasi-religious entity, was used by a Florida family to sell a toxic bleach that turned out to be a miracle cure.

In India, a Hindu spiritual leader promoted a treatment called Coronil that was not effective and led to a huge spike in searches for Coronil pills.

The acting assistant attorney general of the Justice Department's Civil Division said that marketing products as treatments for COVID-19 endangers public health and violates the law.

There is a structure called the Tangent.

During 2020, reports of Americans drinking bleach and other household cleaning products soared, with former President Donald Trump suggesting at an April 2020 news conference that injecting disinfectants could be a potential treatment. In the spring of 2020, Trump took a regimen of hydroxychloroquine, a malaria drug that was proven to be useless at treating or preventing Covid-19. A doctor from California pleaded guilty to an import contrary to law charge after he smuggled hydroxychloroquine into the U.S. for his "miracle" cure.

The key background.

There have been many arrests and indictments due to the problem of unproven and dangerous products marketed as Covid treatments. There have been instances of unscientific treatments being pushed as a stand-in for Covid-19 vaccines, an idea Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers apparently bought into before missing a game due to Covid last month. Rodgers was unvaccinated and received a treatment for his illness.

There was aContra.

Treatments that are authorized by the federal government are now on the market. The FDA gave emergency authorization for the pills from the drug companies.

Search interest in Coronil is a false covid cure.

A Florida family is charged with marketing a miracle coronaviruses cure.

Some Americans are drinking bleach as a cure.

Trump says he is taking Hydroxychloroquine despite an advisory from the National Institute of Health.

Doctor Pleads Guilty to Pushing Covid and Hydroxychloroquine.

The Justice Department says that a woman from California has been arrested for making fake vaccine cards.

According to reports, homeopathic treatment is needed to count as vaccine.

The FDA approved the use of the antiviral pill.

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