(Update: More Availability) Very good Singapore First Class availability between New York / Frankfurt into June 2022

There is more availability for Singapore Airlines First Class award between New York and Frankfurt again. I don't think it will last long, so book asap.

The View from the Wing reported that there were excellent award availability in Singapore Airlines A380 First Class between New York and Frankfurt from March to August 2022. It looked like a lot of the saver availability was gone over the weekend, but today we are seeing a lot of availability again. The current transfer bonus makes it attractive enough for some to book one saver and one standard award in a situation where there is only one seat.

You will most likely get the old Singapore suites on this route.

It has been difficult to find first class on the route between New York and Frankfurt. Getting a single seat can be difficult in normal times. I am still seeing a lot of midweek days with at least 2 seats in the spring. There are a couple of dates with three seats. In Singapore first. What? Gary posted this deal and I thought those would be gone soon.

This isn't cheap but it is one of the better deals for first class to Europe. Many people have been targeted for a 20% transfer bonus on transfers to Singapore from American Express, which will save them under 72K points on their Amex transfers.

If you have two passengers and only one seat available at the saver level, this might be worth it. Booking one seat at 86K plus one seat at 140K would cost you over 200K Singapore miles. If you have the transfer bonus, you need to transfer 189K points from Amex Membership rewards. It is almost like getting two seats at the normal saver price.

The current status promotion from Singapore should be kept in mind. If you transfer points that are 250K Singapore miles, you will get elite status with Singapore that is good for Star Alliance Gold. This deal could be even more attractive for some if you get access to United lounges when flying domestically.

I booked a couple of European cruises next year and I am very tempted by this availability. I could book two saver seats and one standard seat for what would be a not- crazy amount of points. I would have a lap infant if I were to go to Frankfurt for my cruises. If you travel with a lap infant, Singapore charges 10% of the adult revenue fare, which means a one-way trip to Europe or more than $700 back in Singapore. It seems like a steep price for a flight that doesn't actually get us where we need to go, even though the size of a Singapore first class seat means he wouldn't necessarily have to sit on our laps the whole time. I would most likely book a night or two at the hotel in the castle as my older son would be very excited to sleep in it.

The castle is less than half an hour from the airport. We were upgraded to a suite.

If I knew that Singapore would offer first class on this route, I might be tempted to book it, but you don't know what you're going to get.

The new Singapore suites look amazing, but we don't know if they will be available on the JFK-FRA route.

There is still a lot of uncertainty surrounding travel and it will likely continue to be so. The policy of the Singapore miles is to be aware of the risk of going in, so I am hesitant.