El Salvador frees three women convicted of abortions

The State College Centre Daily Times is published.

The judge's interpretation of a nearly century-old deed led to the ruling.

The USA TODAY Network covered triumphs and tragedies this year, from gold medals at the Tokyo Olympics to the ongoing coronaviruses.

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Under proposed legislation, Japan will compensate companies that keep secret patents with military applications, the Nikkei reported on Sunday. The financial daily said that the proposed economic security legislation will include technology that can help develop nuclear weapons, such as uranium enrichment and cutting-edge innovations like quantum technology.

President Joe Biden made two final nominations to the federal bench this year as he caps his first.

A lawmaker from Petro Poroshenko's group in parliament said on Friday that the Ukrainian Prosecutor General's office had asked a court to arrest the former president on suspicion of high treason. The Prosecutor General office confirmed on Christmas Eve that they had approved a motion to arrest Poroshenko with the possibility of bail set at 1 billion hryvnia. The prosecutor general's office refused to confirm Gerashchenko's claim.

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The United States is expected to give a response to the request for security guarantees next month, according to the Kremlin.

Readers of the Los Angeles Times wonder if the Lakers can compete for an NBA title with an injured Anthony Davis and a roster in tatters.

In a number of recent high-profile trials, defendants spoke directly to jurors, contrary to conventional wisdom that the risks of taking the stand usually outweigh the benefits. Kim Potter was convicted of manslaughter for killing a man during a traffic stop in Minnesota after the police officer mistook her gun for a stun gun. Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted of murder last month for shooting three protesters in Wisconsin, killing two and wounding a third.

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Drivers in Virginia are surprised. You need to read this if you live in Virginia.

Carli Lloyd is part of the nucleus of the national team's old guard. Just minutes after the U.S. team's devastating loss to Canada, Lloyd was doing sprint drills in the background during a media interview with Rapinoe. Lloyd is a four-time Olympian with gold medal-winning goals in multiple games.

Mississippi is the worst state for a baby to be born because of the high rate of unintended pregnancies. That is higher than the national average.

The removal of the statue from a Hong Kong university was "brutal" but it would be symbolic of recent changes in the city under Chinese rule, the sculptor said on Friday. The sculpture of anguished human torsos is one of the few remaining public memorials in the former British colony to remember the suppression of pro-democracy protesters in mainland China. The University of Hong Kong removed the artwork known as "Pillar of Shame" from the campus due to legal and other concerns.

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Dallas and New Orleans could see the hottest December on record on Friday, because of the warm weather. The 70F record was set on December 16, 1889. The warm air in Texas and the south-eastern part of the US is expected to bring spring-like conditions to the US over the next several days, making Christmas Day likely to be the warmes.

The drawing was released by the prosecution and it was done by the shooting suspect.

After a gunfight left four people injured at Oakbrook Center, a bunch of Christmas Eve shoppers filled the mall's promenades. Chicagoan Justin Lewis said he wasn't scared to come. I said a prayer before I arrived. Sometimes you have to take a leap of faith.

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The ship caught fire as it headed to Bangladesh's capital. The fire service official said that they had recovered 38 bodies so far.

My daughter is 7 years old and doesn't know what Christmas is.

A Chinese province is offering married couples up to 200,000 yuan in bank loans if they have children, as part of efforts to tackle population decline.

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The Monroe County Sheriff's Office said that 52 Haitian migrants landed on Card Sound Road in Key Largo, Florida, on Friday morning. Some people needed medical attention.

DeSean Jackson's record for receiving yards by a rookies is still in jeopardy, but he'll need to get even more involved in Sunday's game against the Giants.

Lizzo was one of three costume changes and she wore Baby Yoda from The Mandalorian. Lizzo wore a sheer purple gown to a party. Lizzo wore a bodysuit that said "fake boobs" on the front and "fake ass" on the back.