A few weeks after the debut of the music video for the Payroll Giovanni-, Peezy- and Sada Baby-assisted track "I Come From The Game," E-40 revisits his recent LP for another new visual. For his latest music video, the West Coast legend reconnects with Cousin Fik and Laroo for a Jae Synth-directed clip in support of the Practice Makes Paper highlight "I Don't Like Em." With nearly thirty full-length studio albums under his belt, E-40 is proving he still holds onto his original passion, work ethic and skillset.

"I wanted to take it back to what I've been doing for the past nine years. I was one of the first to do the double album back in 1998, with Element of Surprise," E-40 explained to back in August, revealing the goals and motivations that fueled Practice Makes Paper 's studio sessions. "I wanted to give my fan base a variety of music, songs of different flavors. I wanted to present different angles of the game with different content.

"Me and my team are always in the studio together. We talk about who would go good on certain tracks. We just reach out to folks and they reach out to me," E-40 added, opening up about how he chooses guests for Practice Make Paper collaborations like "I Don't Like Em." "We all just be there for one another. I wanted to make this a star-studded event. I wanted to put a bunch of features on one song ... There ain't nobody on the album that I feel uncomfortable having there."

You can take a look at E-40, Cousin Fik and Laroo's new music video for "I Don't Like Em" above.

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