Retired NYPD officer says in a lawsuit her commanding officer serially raped by her for more than a year

The Yankee Stadium is in New York.

A retired NYPD officer has accused her former commanding officer of raping her.

The NYPD told Insider that the incident is under review.

The numbers associated with the captain were not answered Wednesday.

A retired New York City police officer has accused her former commanding officer of raping her for more than a year while they worked together on the Yankee Stadium beat.

In the lawsuit viewed by Insider, the woman who identifies as African-American said that she decided to leave the Yankee Stadium detail because she could no longer handle the stress of being a sex slave to someone else.

The NYPD spokesman said that the incident is under internal review. On Wednesday, Insider called several numbers associated with Brienza, but didn't get an answer.

Fred Lichtmacher, Roberts' attorney, told Insider that he expects more women to come forward soon. He said that his client had no choice but to leave the NYPD because of the "sexist" culture.

The NYPD has a policy that protects their royalty. There is a complaint about a supervisor. If you say something about a supervisor, you'll be knocked down. She knew she had to leave.

Roberts joined the NYPD in 1998 and in March 2020 he was transferred to the Yankee Stadium Detail, which is considered an "elite" position within the department.

The New York Post has a story on December 23, 2021.

She said Brienza made comments to gain her trust and isolated her from the rest of the unit by making her his personal driver after she joined the detail.

Cornered in the bathroom.

Roberts said Brienza grabbed her from behind as he followed her into the bathroom at the end of her shift in June 2020.

"Ms. Roberts yelled 'No!' and tried peeling her attacker's hands off of her, to which Captain Brienza responded by saying 'Yes' as he forcefully turned her around," the lawsuit states. "Captain Brienza put his hands around Ms. Roberts neck and forced her head down towards his waist, where his penis was already out of his pants and erect, and forced her to perform oral sex without protection."

Roberts was raped vaginally with no protection, according to the lawsuit.

The lawsuit states that Brienza forced Roberts to perform oral sex when he called her into his office.

The lawsuit says that this happened almost every game day for a year, and most non-game days when he would arrange for them to be alone.

An aerial view of Yankee Stadium.

She says he would make her drive him a certain route and pull over to make her have sex with him.

There were threats against her career.

She said that if Roberts tried to avoid Brienza, he would assign her to undesirable posts and make comments about how she "stood him up".

Roberts felt as though her career and well being were on the line if she did not comply with the Captain's assaults of her.

The lawsuit states that Captain Brienza went out of his way to remind Ms. Roberts that he knows how these things end.

"Captain Brienza threatened Ms Roberts' job by telling her that she would be the one to get in trouble if she said anything about what he was doing to her," the lawsuit says.

The point has been reached.

Roberts said that Brienza raped her in the women's locker room after the Yankees game. Roberts feared that her life could be in danger if she did not reach out for help after the incident. She reported the alleged sexual misdeeds to the Internal Affairs Bureau.

Roberts felt that she had no choice but to retire from the NYPD on November 30th, since she had originally intended to stay with the department and on the stadium unit.

Roberts' lawyer writes in the lawsuit that Roberts was proud that she was able to help a lot of people, and that putting on her NYPD uniform was the best moment of her life.

The lawsuit says that the Captain took away her role, feelings, and love of her job due to what he did.

Roberts wants $35 million in damages.

The attorney for Roberts told Insider that he wants to help make his client well again and make sure Brienza is not able to do this anymore. He hopes it will change the NYPD.

The NYPD needs to get into the 20th century. It's still a sexist organization. It's not a coincidence that this happened to an African-American, at the hands of a white supervisor. A black woman is being raped by her white supervisor in the NYPD.

The full lawsuit can be found below.

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