Testosterone can be considered much more than just a male sex hormone. Numerous studies have concluded that men who do not have sufficient testosterone levels are more likely to experience stressful situations. That is why many men over the age of 40 can suffer from age-related complaints such as insomnia, mood swings, erectile dysfunction, and decreased libido. If you are in this group of risk, we are offering you our trt therapy.

Why testosterone is important

Testosterone is the most important sex hormone in men. All processes in the body begin in the brain, including sexual desire. If there is no free testosterone in men, then their sex life is significantly reduced. If a man has insufficient serum testosterone levels, it is important to seek treatment that will help restore lost testosterone levels.

Testosterone deficiency can exist if there is a high level of luteinizing hormone in the body. Testosterone is a hormone that is also responsible for building muscle mass. Heart failure can be caused by a lack of testosterone in the body as well.

If testosterone deficiency is observed, hormone therapy may be helpful. In our medical institution, you can receive both primary and specialized medical care.

Where to get testosterone treatment 

Renew Vitality provides comprehensive Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) services. If necessary, we involve several specialists to solve the patient's problem and quickly determine which treatment will be most effective. So when you come to us, you do not have to look for other clinics or doctors – we provide our patients with multidisciplinary advice and solutions. Our health centers regularly update the equipment and laboratory-diagnostic equipment to stay on the verge of the most advanced medical technology available today.

We provide:

  • high quality of treatment

  • individual approach

  • comfort

  • respect for each patient


Renew Vitality Testosterone Center is always on the lookout for your health! To get more information please visit our website: https://www.vitalityhrt.com/location/testosterone-clinic-of-minneapolis