Get a grip, Jerry, Ezekiel Elliott is a role player these days

Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys know no bounds. Jones reminded us of this during an interview with 105.3 The fan in Dallas.

Jones said that the toll that Zeke takes on the defense is very significant. We are trying to establish hard-nosed football.

Child, please. Jerry, you are not fooling anyone. You have to figure out a way to justify the contract you gave to the man you eventually gave a huge deal to, before you gave him a huge deal. Elliott has become an overpaid fullback. Running backs don't get $90 million contracts because of their blocking prowess, but he is a great blocker in the backfield.

In October, he had two games in which he had at least 100 yards. Since Week 5, when he ran for over 100 yards, he has not rushed for 70 yards in a game. In the last 15 weeks, he has 410 rushing yards at 3.5 per carry. Jones wanted this production to be the type of production he wanted when he signed his $90 million deal. During the press conference where they announced their deal in the off-season, Jones said he overpaid for Prescott.