Amazon UK has had Xbox Series X consoles in stock all day

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We have been keeping an eye out for the end-of-year console drops in the US, and despite exceptions like a recent PS5 sale from Walmart that went on for an hour, they have remained as hard to get as ever. On the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, Amazon UK had a for sale sign next to Microsoft's Xbox Series X for over 12 hours with no end in sight.

The cheaper Xbox Series S has been more difficult to find, but sales for the two flagship 4K gaming consoles never go on for this long. It is possible that the continent is oversupplied with new consoles at the moment, even if we are not in the US, because one person reported a similar occurrence in France this week.

It is cold comfort to anyone trying to buy one before Christmas or the New Year, but hopefully you will find what you are looking for soon. Remember, you are probably in the same situation as Eddy Cue, so keep an eye on our page and the @Verge Twitter for updates.