After three years and two seasons of BIG3 dominance, Iso Joe is back in the NBA

The NBA has been a drag for the past two weeks. There have been seven games that have been canceled in the last nine days. The teams that have been able to play have had to play games with less than optimal lineups. The Brooklyn Nets haven't played since Saturday and in that game they started a bunch of rookies.

The Boston Celtics were in trouble with their roster for tonight's game. The Celtics were down seven players in a loss to the 76ers on Monday, dealing with an outbreak of Covid.

The Celtics are going to play an old school jam. According to Adrian Wojnarowski, the Celtics have signed Joe Johnson to a 10-day contract. Johnson has not played in the NBA since he took the court for five minutes for the Houston Rockets in the Western Conference Finals.

Johnson joined the halfcourt league and has excelled. He has averaged 20 points per game in each of his two seasons, and knocked down the game-winner for the Triplets in the championship game.

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Back in the NBA. We deserve this. No one asked for a remake of the television show. After last year we were all excited to be able to gather for the holidays, many of us finally learned what the lonely do at Christmas time. The Omicron variant has spread throughout the world, so we are all worried about overseas travel.

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An old friend has made a surprise appearance. Seeing Johnson back in the NBA is like going to the grocery store for your parents and trying to avoid anyone you might know, and then in the alcohol aisle there is an old classmate with whom you would actually like to have a conversation.

If you don't like the idea of a Joe jab stepping and faking for the first time in three years, or if you dislike the Atlanta Hawks of the early 2010s, then you need to seek therapy.

The NBA has fun players with real nicknames who never win in a major way. No sports fan should be able to get through that list without smiling.

We get one of those guys back for a couple of weeks. The team that drafted him kept him for half a season, and that's why he's coming back. If he makes a game-winning three in the Celtics game against the Milwaukee Bucks, that will get me through until the Superbowl.

We need professional basketball players like they needed pilots at the end of Independence Day, because this will delay Johnson's Hall of Fame eligibility. We want to thank you, Iso Joe, for your sacrifice, and we want you to be a Celtics fan for the next 10 days.