Aaron Rodgers still feels like he's being cancelled, so now he’s siding with Barstool

Why did he do that? Why do you have to be this way?

The Green Bay Packers are in first place in theNFC after the Arizona Cardinals lost to the Detroit Lions. It would be your second year in a row that you are considered a favorite to win the award. You actually take the time to go on an irreverent podcast every week and not speak quarterback, but actually speak like a human being. Rodgers, why do you have to be unlikeable?

Rodgers was wearing a Barstool Sports hoodie on the Pat McAfee Show. Dave Portnoy, founder of Barstool, sent Rodgers a hoodie. Come on. Rodgers, do you know how offensive it is to wear a Cancel Culture hoodie?

It's bad enough that you're lying to the public about your vaccine status.

His statement should be recalled now.

I realize I am in the crosshairs of the woke mob so before my final nail gets put in my cancel culture casket, I would like to set the record straight.

The company that you are wearing a hoodie from has had problems with racism, sexism, and was trying to stop employees from unionizing. The head of the company who sent you that hoodie was accused of sexual harassment, but he denied it.

Barstool made that hoodie. They make clothing that mocks the problems they have had over the years. They don't care if they've done wrong, they want everyone to know they're messed up.

That shirt is not free speech. When Rodgers suggested that Portnoy is a fan of the show, even McAfee distanced himself a bit. They talked about Rodgers breaking the Packers touchdown record, why he's so careful about not turning the ball over, and Rodgers even got in a jab at the other team. The host of the program speaks three languages, Rodgers said.

I like Rodgers a lot. I thought he was the best quarterback I had ever seen. The profile Mina Kimes did on Rodgers was great, although I don't believe it's called "Aaron Rodgers Unmasked."

He was a fun guy and now he is Barstool. There isn't a giant electronic billboard for Louis C.K.'s new stand up special in Los Angeles, and he didn't have a commercial for his new stand up special on Saturday Night Live.

It is as enjoyable as it ever was to watch Rodgers play football, but as a person he becomes less enjoyable almost by the day. He is more upset about a 60 Minutes piece on him than he is about the Dalai Lama. The people who have a problem with what you have said and done in recent months have nothing to do with them wanting you to be silenced for having a counter-cultural opinion. You admitted that the NFL treated your research like it was nonsense and that what you said about vaccines and COVID prevention was not factual. Who are we supposed to trust, the multi-billion dollar business that wants its game played with no interruption, or the free- thinking quarterback who took horse dewormer?

It doesn't have to be like this. We could learn more about your thought process while you play, and laugh at your stories on the show. I wish I knew more about your thought process.