'Island Boys' TikTok Stars Don't Understand Hate at Jake Paul Fight

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The 'Island Boys', the Florida twins behind the viral TikTok song, are struggling to understand why they are getting so much hate.

Flyysoulja and Kodiyakredd were expecting a love fest when they walked into the arena, but instead they found some people angry at them.

The 'Island Boys' want to clear up any myths about them picking fights to get clicks or clout chase.

The twins admit that they are not perfect, but they want to be positive role models because a lot of kids watch their TikTok videos and they don't want to be involved in fights.


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The 'Island Boys' were greeted with boos before Jake knocked out Tyron, and video showed at least one full beer being thrown in their direction.

They admit that the beer tossing started with one of their friends, but they tried to stop it immediately.

They think the people who had a problem drowned out the love some people showed in the videos.

The boys tell us they're just a couple of 20-year-olds trying to make it from nothing, and whether you love or hate them, they're on the pop culture map.

The hard part is cashing in and extending the time. Cash me?