Manchin to Dems: Redo the whole thing, maybe I'll vote for it

He said, "Well, guess what?" I'm from West Virginia. I'm not from where they're from, they can beat the living crap out of people and think they'll be submissive.

Manchin told Democrats to put legislation through a committee to have a chance of success. Manchin said that the bill won't happen again without the committee process.

I won't go down everything you want to do. Manchin said that it needs to go through a process. The Senate has not held committee hearings for the legislation.

The comments Manchin made on Monday put him at odds with Schumer. Schumer sent a letter to members Monday morning saying that he will put the bill to a floor vote so that everyone in the Senate has the chance to speak out.

Many Democrats called for a vote after Manchin said he wouldn't support the legislation. Schumer is serious and staffers in both parties continued meeting with the Senate parliamentarian to discuss which parts of the bill they might have to drop so the legislation can pass at a simple majority threshold under Senate rules, according to two people familiar with the matter.

Schumer said that they will keep voting on the revised version of the bill until they get something done.

It is risky given the tension between Manchin and other Democrats. Manchin wants to take weeks, if not months, to craft another bill that would means-test benefits and shrink the number of programs in the package to cover a 10-year budget window. Many Democrats think that it is just another delay since Manchin still hasn't committed to passing new legislation.

Manchin called the chair of the Progressive Caucus on Monday.

After telling reporters that Manchin had gone back on his word to the White House, Jayapal said that he had not said anything to him that he didn't say to him. The lack of integrity in a town is stunning.

The Washington Democrat said she wanted the Biden administration to take action on climate change and other issues. Some in the party want to keep negotiating.

"I think we could still get through that bill, that Sen. Schumer still wants to get through it," said Sen. Patrick Leahy. The majority of Americans support a lot of what I support. We'll keep working.

If relations on Capitol Hill are tense, it is worse up Pennsylvania Avenue, where the White House accused Manchin of breaking his word to the president on Sunday. That move cheered many Democrats frustrated with Manchin, but prompted a new level of animosity between the West Virginia Democrat and the West Wing, which can't afford to alienating Manchin in a 50-50 Senate.

Manchin said that Biden knew we couldn't get there, and that he cast doubt on Biden's Thursday statement that the two could continue negotiations. He did not criticize the president, but he did light up the White House staff.

I just got to the end. They know what happened. Manchin said that they wouldn't tell him and he wouldn't tell you. The staff is not the president. They put things out that were not right.

The expanded child tax credit was included in the legislation, but Manchin opposed it. If the rest of his party were banking on the program becoming permanent, Manchin didn't want the bill to end after one year. The dispute was important to Manchin's position since he set a topline spending number of $1.75 trillion and a 10-year expanded tax credit at current levels would eat up nearly all that money. The credit ends this month.

A document signed by Schumer and Manchin in July shows that Manchin wanted a bill with less generous benefits than the rest of his party had in mind. The bill never came close to his bottom line even though Democrats tried to fit it into the mold.

Manchin said that they've been far apart. The $6 trillion bill that I have in front of me was the same bill from the beginning.

Senate Democrats will have a virtual caucus meeting on Tuesday evening to discuss their plight. Manchin is still committed to rolling back the tax cuts signed by Trump, which is a bright spot for Democrats.

Manchin said that the only reason he voted for the budget resolution was because he wanted to fix the taxes so that everyone paid their fair share.

We have a chance at this. Manchin said you have a chance to fix the tax code. Don't you think we can fix a fair and equitable tax code if we disagree with Republicans on tax cuts?

Even that isn't easy in a 50-50 Senate. Manchin supports raising corporate taxes and taxes on the wealthy, but Sen. Sinema opposed the rate increases. She hasn't commented since Manchin shot down Biden's vision.

The report was contributed to by Nicholas Wu and Marianne LeVine.