'Bob's Burgers' actor banned from voicing cartoon character over alleged Capitol riot involvement, report says

An actor who attended the January 6 insurrection has been banned from playing a character in the show "Bob's Burgers."

The 12th season of "Bob's Burgers" has not seen the voice of Jimmy Pesto Sr., Jay Johnston.

Two sources told The Daily Beast that the actor wouldn't be returning to the show to voice the pizzeria owner.
The cast and crew of "Bob's Burgers" and Fox were not interested in making a big deal about the actor's blacklisting, according to one of the sources.

Fox didn't reply to Insider's request for comment.

There is no proof that he was present at the Capitol riot.
The FBI posted a photograph of a person that looks like him on social media in March, according to Snopes.

The FBI has a picture of a man that looks similar to Jay.

There is a social media site called the Twitter.

"Bob's Burgers" co-star Tim Heidecker said that the FBI photo was of his colleague, after internet sleuths suggested it was him.

Two other actors, Spencer Crittenden and Cassandra Church, who were in the same movie, posted messages saying that they were supporters of former President Donald Trump, according to Snopes.

The person in the photograph has not been charged with a crime or arrested.

The management of Johnston did not respond to Insider's request for comment.