YouTube TV Loses Over 17 Disney-Owned Channels in Dispute

This year, it looks like YouTube will keep fighting with broadcasters and streaming platforms. It might feel like a punch in the gut because of the amount of content it is losing.

On Saturday, December 17th, the current agreement between Disney and YouTube expired, and on Sunday, December 18th, it was announced in a post that the two companies had failed to reach a new deal. Disney-owned channels will be lost, as well as at least eight local ABC stations.

While the content remains off its platform, YouTube will lower its monthly price for subscribers by $15, from $64.99 to $49.99. The price decrease will be applied automatically.

In its post, YouTube said that it had held good faith negotiations with Disney but was unable to reach an equitable agreement. The fight is about money. Disney wants to give it the same rates as TV providers.

We know this is frustrating for our customers, and not what we wanted. We will continue conversations with Disney to advocate for you in hopes of restoring their content on YouTube TV.

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The full list of Disney channels that were pulled from YouTube TV, with the exception of the local ABC stations, is included below.

ABC News Live.
The Disney Channel.
Disney Junior.
Disney Channel.
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It's called FXX.
It's called FXM.
National Geographic.
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The SEC Network.
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The Disney Bundle is a subscription service offered by Disney that gives users access to Disney+, Disney-owned streaming services. If Disney and YouTube reach an agreement, the video-sharing site will adjust its price and email subscribers to let them know.

Gizmodo reached out to Disney for comment on its negotiations on Saturday but did not receive a response by the time of publication. If we hear back, we will make sure to update this article.

Disney said it was ready to reach an equitable agreement as soon as possible.

Disney said that they are ready to reach an equitable agreement with Google as quickly as possible, after they said that they have declined to reach a fair deal with them. We hope that we will be able to join that effort.

It is hard to keep track of the battles that YouTube has with others. The feud with NBCUniversal was ended earlier this month. Users have to search for another way to get their content for a good price and complete the sign-up process yet again because access to content can disappear from one day to the next.

It is not the end of the world, but it is annoying. With the rise of new streaming platforms, it is likely that these disputes will affect the access to our favorite shows for a while.