Deron Williams beats Frank Gore via split decision in boxing exhibition between ex-NBA, NFL stars

The time is 11:19 PM.

The Florida State Boxing Commission switched the boxing match between former NBA All-Star guard Deron Williams and Frank Gore to an exhibition on Friday.

Make no mistake. The fight was entertaining and legitimate.

On Saturday night, Williams defeated Gore via split decision on the Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley undercard. NBA players have a stigma of being soft, according to Williams. Gore was accused of being stigmatized with a performance.

Williams said that he was a physical point guard. I showed today that I never shied away from contact. People think basketball players are soft. I was looking to accomplish that today.

Williams outlanded Gore in punches, 48-39, and power punches, 35-28. Williams' best round was the fourth, when he defeated Gore in total punches. Gore outlanded Williams in the second with 16-15 total punches.

The bout was held at 215 pounds. The exhibition was ruled an exhibition by the commission when it was supposed to be a pro fight. The bout won't be on either man's pro boxing records.

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"Maybe I gained some new fans, but I'm just glad I made my team happy and my family proud," Williams said. My mom was very nervous. I hope she was proud that she didn't watch her son get beaten up.

Williams and Gore were respectful with each other. Things got heated in the ring. Both men pushed each other through the ropes in the second round. Gore was checked by the ringside physician after falling to the apron, but he was able to continue.

Gore said it was all good. He won the fight. He fought hard. I fought hard. I have to learn more. He did a good job. We will see if I fight again. I had fun. I'll talk to my team to see what's next.

Williams used his reach advantage well throughout the game, especially in the first round, where he showed a solid jab and right hand. Gore may have landed the harder shots. The judges thought Williams was the better boxer. The men were competent despite their lack of ring experience.

Williams was a three-time NBA All Star. He hasn't played in the league in a while. Williams is a part owner of Fortis MMA in Dallas and has been training in mixed martial arts for years. Gore was the crowd favorite. The Miami native turned down offers to play in the NFL this year to try boxing.