Amazon Wouldn’t Let Driver Stop Deliveries as Tornado Struck

The reports about Amazon's slow response to the tornado that destroyed one of its facilities in Illinois just keeps getting worse.

The latest is a text message exchange between an Amazon driver and her manager. The confusion and chaos that was shown in the messages were verified by the company.
The driver said that tornado alarms were going off.
The manager said to keep delivering. If we need to bring people back, the decision is up to Amazon.

The weather started to get worse in less than an hour. The driver was told to shelter in the place.

The driver requested to go back to the facility.

She said that the locked buildings around her weren't safe because of the alarms going off next to her. That is waiting to turn this van into my body.

The manager said that the safest practice for the driver was to stay where they were. If she returned with their packages, it would be seen as refusing your route and would result in the driver not having a job.

The driver said he was stuck in the van without a safe place to go.
The driver was told by the manager that the weather was so bad that a door had been ripped off. Six Amazon workers were killed when the tornado destroyed part of the facility.
An Amazon spokesman told the news agency that the driver should have been directed to seek shelter when he reported hearing tornado sirens. We will take any necessary action if the driver was threatened by the Dispatcher, and we are investigating the full details of the incident.

It is an incredibly haunting exchange that highlights the communication breakdowns that can occur during disasters like these, as well as the dangerous pressure that companies like Amazon put on their workers.
Amazon Driver Texts reveal Chaos as Illinois Tornado

Amazon workers say the company failed to prevent the deadly tornado.

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