Xbox Is About To Leave PlayStation In The Dust In 2022

Microsoft has made huge strides toward winning back gaming fans and welcoming newcomers to the hobby, compared to the team leading the Xbox when it launched.

The rise of Xbox isn't the new Series X console or its baby brother, but the one-two punch of Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Cloud gaming.

Sony has the most desirable exclusives because you can only play them on PS4 or PS5 and they are releasing later on PC as well, but the Japanese game maker has nothing comparable to Microsoft.

How we think about console gaming is changing.

Credit: Microsoft.

The closest thing Sony has to this is PS Now, which is not as good as Game Pass, which has better games, the ability to download games, and includes every single exclusive on day one.

You can't stream these games to your mobile devices with the cloud gaming service. You can play a lot of games without owning an Xbox with just a gamepad, a smart-phone and an Ultimate subscription.

Microsoft has made it easier to play games on the Xbox. This applies to console gaming as well, with programs like Xbox All Access making consoles more affordable and Smart Delivery ensuring that no matter what game you buy, you will always be able to play the best version for no additional cost. If you upgrade to an Xbox Series X version of the console, you will be able to use the Xbox One version.

Even if the PS5 will sell more units than the Xbox Series X, Microsoft will still leave the platform in the dust.

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