We regret to inform you that Jackson Mahomes is at it again

America's least favorite sibling has done it again. Jackson Mahomes, the younger brother of Patrick, seems to be a topic of conversation on the social networking site for some dumb reason or another. Jackson gained TikTok fame largely on the basis of being Patrick's brother, and really milking the relationship by dancing on the sidelines and in the stands at Chiefs games, or making videos with Patrick in the background looking like he'd rather be somewhere else at the moment. These videos make the rounds every once in a while, as the mass encourages Patrick to pull a Rodgers and disown his family. It should be noted that Mahomes shouldn't pull a Rodgers in any other way.

Jackson is mostly harmless, if cringey and annoying, although there was a time when he danced on the memorial painting of Sean Taylor's number on the sideline of a football game. The WFT messed that day up royally, and he apologized later. He got into it with a local Kansas City bar called SoT, who released a public statement in response to activity over social media regarding a recent visit paid to us by an unhappy guest. On TikTok, the business had a negative experience with Mahomes.

They immediately addressed him, name and all, in an absolute lashing.

The statement is in part.

I am writing to you, Jacksonmahomes.

We are sorry that you tried to ignore the boundaries. People with un-earned status and a sense of entitlement will often lash out at employees who enforce the rules.

G/O Media might get a commission.

We apologize that we couldn't seat your large group. Our bar is small.

We are sorry that you decided to use your reach to try and destroy a small business, instead of using it for something positive, and that you did not think it was a good idea.

We survived a global epidemic and will survive your ego.

We are sorry that you didn't reach out to us first, but that is an expectation we would have from a mature and rational person, not someone who dances on the memorial of people who died for TikTok clout.

We would use our influence in a more responsible way if we were born into a more famous family, because we have not been lucky enough to be born into one.

We hope our apology is accepted by you.

Oof. That was quite a roast, props to whoever wrote it. There were no notes. They hit on every point they could, from his previous gaffes to his tendency to use his brother for clout and his sense of entitlement. If the author is not doing this for a living, their talents are being wasted. Come on, we are sorry that you don't have the reach you think you do. I was laughing out loud at that one. SoT deleted the post after Mahomes took down his video.

If you are going to use a family member for clout, at least do something positive or productive with it, rather than complaining about the treatment you are getting at a local business. With the Chiefs having a less than ideal start to the season, Patrick now has to deal with a younger brother who is publicly embarrassing the family on a once a month schedule. I guess he has to be given credit for the consistency. We could give him the benefit of the doubt that he was just an annoying 21-year-old. Did you beef with a local establishment because of your inflated self- image? Benefit is gone, and you proved that you were an asshole.

Jackson's TikTok bio reads "Sup I get Bullied a lot but I'm still here." Sorry if this qualifies as harassment. I'm looking forward to seeing how you use your platform next.