Singapore Airlines A380 With New Suites Coming To JFK

Singapore Airlines will soon start offering its latest A380 inflight product on a route to the United States, which is exciting.

The A380 is flying to the United States.

The latest schedule update shows that Singapore Airlines will fly its A380 with the latest onboard products to the United States. This product will be offered on the Singapore Airlines flight from Singapore to New York. The flight operates on a schedule.

New York to New York departing 8:55PM and arriving 10:40AM.

The flight from Frankfurt to Singapore is departing at 12:30PM.

This will be the first time that Singapore Airlines will offer its latest A380 product on a route to the United States. This particular flight has context.

I am sure many people will be happy to find that this flight is scheduled to feature the new product, as it was just a few days ago that Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer released a lot of Suites award availability.

The A380s will be flown to New York by Singapore Airlines.

The new A380 cabins are for Singapore Airlines.

There are 475 seats on the newest A380s from Singapore Airlines. The lower deck has 44 premium economy seats and 343 economy seats, while the upper deck has six first class suites and 82 business class seats.

I flew from Singapore to Australia in the new business class on the new A380, and then from Australia to Singapore in the new Suites. I was impressed by both products, but not so much by the other one.

The old business class product was a marginal improvement over the new business class product. It is number nine on my list of the world's 10 best business class seats. The seat is large, but you have to sleep at an angle towards the side of the plane in order to be able to stretch your legs.

The A380 business class is new for Singapore Airlines.

If you are traveling with someone, the center seats in each row can form a double bed, which is cool.

The A380 business class is new for Singapore Airlines.

The new A380 Suites in Singapore look amazing, but there are only six of them in a single configuration. The design was style over substance, so parts of it left me disappointed.

The new A380 Suites are for Singapore Airlines.

The new A380 Suites are for Singapore Airlines.

The new Suites of Singapore Airlines have one major downside, how much capacity is being reduced. The old Suites cabin had 12 seats, while the new cabin has six. This also means that award seats are harder to come by. I think that is good for those of us who were recently awarded seats.

The bottom line.

It will be the first time that the A380s will be used on flights to the United States that they will have new cabins. This is great news for people who have recently scored Suites award seats.

The carrier flies between the United States and Europe on its fifth freedom flight.

What do you think about Singapore Airlines flying the A380s to the US?

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