Audi built a custom EV for Ken Block’s next Gymkhana video

Say hello to the S1 Hoonitron.

I. Bonifacic had a score of 12.16.

A car.

The Ken Block Gymkhana series is ready to go electric. The rally driver showed off his new car, a purpose-built EV designed for Block. As you can see from the photo above, the prototype is a lot like the company's Sport Quattro S1 model. Block was inspired to pursue his career by that car.

Block promised to show off what the EV can do in a future video. It is not known if Pastrana will join with a custom-built Solterra. Gymkhana events involve some of the most skillful driving you will see on a closed course. Block could be changed by the S1 Hoonitron.
The constant drifting that is involved in Gymkhana courses should be mitigated by the instant Torque of an EV. The lower center of gravity could make it harder to corner. If the S1 Hoonitron replicates the sound of a rev limiter in a traditional internal combustion engine car, we will have to see. The sound of a rally car is fun.

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