Khabib Nurmagomedov adding Kevin Lee, 165-pound weight class to his promotion, Eagle FC

12:27 PM

One of the most influential figures in mixed martial arts was the active fighter, Khabib Nurmagomedov. He will be one in his retirement.

Kevin Lee, a former UFC lightweight, has signed with Eagle FC, an MMA promotion founded by Magomedov. A new 165-pound weight class will be permanently opened by his company, which will be a topic of debate for some time.

Lee was a fighter in the UFC. He tried to get a 165-pound weight class, but was unsuccessful.

It's going to be a big news for a lot of fighters around the world. A lot of fighters want 165. A lot of fighters are small at 170 and can't make 155.

This is not just about Kevin Lee. This is about a lot of people. When I was a fighter, I was talking to a lot of fighters around the world, and they were asking why other promotions didn't make 165.

The UFC lightweight was encouraged to join the 165-pound weight class by Nurmagomedov. At UFC 269 in Las Vegas, Poirier was in a title bid against Charles Oliveira, but he was defeated.

Eagle FC was purchased in 2020 by a man who was born in Dagestan. The promotion is holding an event in Miami. The retired champ expects his promotion to become a global brand.

"I have a lot of knowledge and I can share it with a lot of people," he said. I can make a lot of fighters comfortable. We are going to create a new system. Fighters will be happy when you know about this platform. They've been with other organizations, but they're more happy than that. There is nothing against our big brothers.