Tory Lanez Yelled 'Dance Bitch' During Meg Thee Stallion Shooting, Cop Says

According to testimony from a detective on the case, Megan Thee Stallion was injured when Tory Lanez fired gunshots at the ground near her feet.

The police department of the Los Angeles area. Ryan Stogner took the stand in court. The detective says Megan told him that Tory was drunk.

July 2020

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The person is a detective. Stogner said this happened in the Hollywood Hills after a party and a dispute between the artists.

He described how Megan felt pain to her feet, saw blood, and then crawled to an adjacent driveway after she was shot.

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Under oath, he said that Megan begged him not to tell, and that she offered him money to keep her mouth shut. The person is a detective. Stogner said that Megan initially explained her injury by saying she stepped on broken glass.

Megan admitted she only said it was glass because of the political climate.

A woman who was with Meg at the time of the incident was also on the recorded phone call. He apologized on the call because he was too drunk. After his attorney told him to calm down, he yelled out, "How you gonna tell me what I apologized for?"

The trial is set to begin on January 13 after the judge heard enough during Tuesday's hearing. One count of assault with a semiautomatic firearm in a manner that caused great bodily injury and one count of carrying a concealed, unregistered weapon are the charges that Tory is facing.

The detective's testimony confirmed what Megan had already said, that if she told the cops that a black man had a gun, they would shoot her.

Megan had injuries to her feet that she claimed were the result of Tory shooting the gun. He pled not guilty to the charges against him and denied her account.