Toyota revealed an electric truck to compete with the F-150 Lightning and Rivian R1T

Toyota plans to sell 15 fully electric models by 2025. The self-driving e-Palette was used to transport athletes during the Summer Olympic and Paralympic games. Toyota has committed to spend around $70 billion on electric vehicles, but its medium-term projections are conservative. It expects to sell around 3.5 million EV's a year by the year 2030.

The Compact Cruiser is a cute electric concept car that could be a competitor to the Ford Bronco Sport.

Drivers in Virginia are surprised. You need to read this if you live in Virginia.

Toyota lays out its plans for electric vehicle investment and expansion with a preview of potential future models.

There's also a baby car, a tiny sports car, and a car that looks like an electric one.

The Lexus RZ 450e electric SUV is shown. There was an electric sports car, sedan and large SUV.

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President Maia Sandu said on Tuesday that the former Soviet republic told Russia that it wanted to join the European Union. Her comments in an interview with the news agency were her most public comments on the pro-Western course in the country. Pro-Russian and pro-EU politicians have vied for control of the country since it gained independence from the Soviet Union in 1991. Sandu, whose party won a resounding victory in parliament in July, is seen as a symbol of change in a country that was almost bankrupted by corruption six years ago.

Pricing for the Ioniq 5 electric vehicle has been provided byHyundai.

The car of the year was named by MotorTrend. The Genesis was named SUV of the year in October.

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There are different shapes and sizes of pills. One is the only peace of mind.

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A battery that occupies 40 acres of land can do a lot.

The Custom Trail Boss with a Double Cab body style is no longer offered by Chevrolet.

There are many new EV models that could launch in the next few years, including a pickup truck, a sports car, and a three-row SUV. The big plans for the Lexus and Toyota EV lineups have been shared. A huge amount of concept cars include a Toyota pickup truck, a Lexus supercar, a baby Land Cruiser, electric three-row SUVs, sedans, and even some funky cargo vans.

The company promises that it will be able to travel over 400 miles in a low 2 second range.

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He didn't think cutting this log would change his life.

The Arizona Republic

Doa Cuquita Abarca sent blessings to those who prayed for Vicente Fernndez.

The first of four planned Avatar sequels is the brainchild of the director, who is a lifelong fan of the ocean.

The metaverse is a technology that is not fully defined. Its bottom line grew even faster, as free cash flow increased by a third.

National parks are getting a lot of attention. You should head to the state parks.

In an interview with "Axios on HBO", Peter Rawlinson said that he doesn't want to be doing wealthy people's cars. Americans are warming up to the idea of electric cars, but the purchase price is still too high for many people, who also worry about how far their car will go before the battery needs to be charged. Stay up to date with the latest market trends. The $169,000 Lucid Air Dream is free to subscribe to.

Scientists say they have an explanation for the bright blue light that came from deep space. Three years ago, a bright blue flash came out of the spiral arm of a distant galaxy, some 200 million light-years away. It was brighter and faster than the other extreme events. The scientists found that it was not only a bright flash of light, but also powerful X-rays that were traced back to the same object.

Toyota requires a paid $8 per month subscription service for its remote start feature.