(Update: Extended) ITA Airways Offering Status Match From Most Airline Programs

The airline that replaced Alitalia as Italy's national airline is offering to match status match customers from other loyalty programs to their new Volare program.

If you missed out on this offer, you have a chance to take advantage of it through the end of the year. The post below has been updated to include new dates and more information about my experience with status matching.

The deal was made.

Send an email to status match@itaspa.com with the following information to match status from many airline programs to the one at ITA Airways Volare.
The email subject is the program of origin.
The name and program of origin are listed in the body text.
Attach a legible copy of your Frequent Flyer Card and a copy of your ID card.
The link to offer is direct.

Key terms.

The status match is available from the following programs.
Aeroflot has a bonus.
Aerolneas Argentinas is also known as Aerolneas Plus.
Air Europa.
Alitalia is in Millemiglia.
Air France/KLM has a song.
American Airlines has an advantage.
The ANA is a mileage club.
The Executive Club of British Airways.
OK Plus for Czech Airlines.
Skymiles is a program of Delta Airlines.
Matmid is named after El Al.
Skywards is a brand of airline.
Iberia Plus
Skypass is offered on Korean Air.
There are more than two airlines: Lufthansa and Miles and More.
The Middle East Airlines is Cedar Miles.
The Privilege Club is for Qatar Airlines.
The Royal Club is named after Royal Jordanian.
Saudia and Alfursan.
KrisFlyer is an airline from Singapore Airlines.
Swiss Air has miles and more.
Miles and Go is a book by TAP.
Tarom is on the Sky Team.
Turkish Airways is a frequent flyer program.
United Airlines has mileage.
If you are not already a Member, you can register for the program Volare and request to be matched with their current status within another loyalty program so you can access one of our exclusive clubs from October to December of 2021.
The status match campaign can only be joined by members of the premium tiers.
As soon as the matching process is completed, the new status will be recognized. Confirmation of the recognition will be sent by email by December 31, 2021.
If the status is not matched, you will receive an email stating which guidelines indicated in the regulation have not been followed.
The new status will be visible to Members from December 31, 2021.
The cards will be available from December 31, 2021.
The exclusive Club will be valid for one year after December 31, 2021.
All requests that do not include all the requested data will not be processed.

Quick thoughts.

I don't think many readers are itching to fly on the new airline. Even if you don't plan on flying with them by the end of next year, taking advantage of the status match promotion is still worth it, especially if you have airline status due to expire at the end of this year.

After your current airline status has expired, you could be able to status match to other programs. If you currently have status with American Airlines, but don't want to spend $15,000 on one of their credit cards or earn $2,000 of Elite Qualifying Dollars in order to maintain that status next year, then you should consider using a different credit card. You can match your status in the new Volare program. That could give you the chance to status match from ITA Airways to a different airline next year.

We don't know if any other airlines will add ITA Airways as an eligible airline, so it might provide that opportunity. If you are going to be giving up status at the end of this year, you might as well go for this status match to at least have the possibility of using it during 2022.

If you booked flights with ITA Airways before the end of the year, your matched status won't help you, because the Volare status doesn't start until December 31, 2021. If you are planning on booking an ITA Airways flight before the end of 2021, you should register for this promotion that will give you 10,000 points when you buy an ITA ticket from October 15 and flying by December 31, 2021.

When you join SkyTeam with ITA Airways, you will be able to receive benefits when flying with other SkyTeam airlines, since they are fully integrated with the program. The opportunity was launched a couple of months ago, but it is more worthwhile now.

My experience is with ITA Airways.

I took advantage of the promotion at the end of October. I still have American Airlines Executive Platinum status and I submitted the details of that when I received it a couple of years ago.

I submitted a picture of my status when I was logging in to my AAdvantage account because I don't have an Executive Platinum card. I received confirmation from the ITA that I was matched to their Premium status after a week after I submitted proof of that status.

Even top tier American Airlines status won't get you top tier elite status with the Volare program because it has four status levels, Smart, Plus, Premium and Executive. If AA Executive Platinum members aren't worthy of their top tier, the benefits extended to Executive members of their Volare program must be something to behold.

On October 30 I submitted my status match request and received an email confirmation on November 5. The Volare program will be announced in the coming weeks, but I can take advantage of the following Sky Probability services.

Business Class desks have check-in facilities.
The security gates in Rome Fiumicino and Milan Linate are fast track.
Priority boarding.
Priority baggage drop-off.

You have been upgraded.