Open Channel: What DC Superhero Deserves a Solo Game Next?

For a long time, it felt like the only way for DC characters to get a video game was if they were next to Batman. The caped hero has dominated DC's gaming output for decades, not unlike in films or TV. It was surprising when it was revealed that Wonder Woman would be getting her own game, thanks to Monolith, the studio behind the Middle-Earth slavery simulator, Shadow of Mordor.

It has been a long time since Diana was the only member of the Trinity who didn't get a chance at a solo game. DC has slowly but surely been allowing their Amazon princess to get the recognition she deserves since she became a movie star with Batman v Superman and the original Wonder Woman film. Diana will get her first event in decades next year with the trial of the Amazons, thanks to strong titles like Wonder Girl, Nubia & the Amazons, and Wonder Woman: Historia.

Who is next? Brash Entertainment tried to get games for Superman and the Flash off the ground before being shut down, as well as lower tier characters like Lobo and Gen 13 were in the works. The fact that a Wonder Woman game exists tells us that DC and WB are willing to experiment more. DC should do the same with their ever expanding library of characters.

Let us know what DC hero you think would make a good video game in the comments below. My ideal DC game would be TeenTitans, where the heroes have their own social bonds and relationships in the same way that the characters in Dragon Age have. Kite Man is like a Microsoft Flight Simulator.
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