Trading app Public adds 4 more cryptocurrencies including metaverse token Decentraland

One of the most popular metaverses is Decentraland. The press kit for Decentraland.

The press kit for Decentraland.

Public added four more coins to its exchange, including Decentraland.

The company said in an email to Insider that it added five cryptocurrencies to its platform, bringing the total number of token users to 25.

Public said that it determines which token to add to its platform.
We work in close collaboration with our partner, and we also have a variety of attributes we consider, including market cap, trading volume, ensuring a diverse set of offerings, and providing a balance between offering well-known, popular assets and meeting the market.

The Decentraland token has increased in value by about 150% in the past year, with much of that increase coming in the past month.

The metaverse is a digital world where people can live, work, interact, and play. The platform's native MANA token is used to buy and sell virtual items like land. Insider reported that a plot of land sold for over $2 million.
The public began offering trading in digital assets in October. The platform allowed trading of 10 cryptocurrencies. The platform began offering the dog-inspired meme coin after the rise in doge coin. Public added 10 more coins in November.
The platform has increased its offerings of digital assets, in contrast to competitor, which has held off on adding more digital assets until more clarity is provided around regulation of the space.
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