Great Stocking Stuffers for Travelers (2021) ✈️

Are you looking for gifts that are small enough to fit in a Christmas stocking? We have put together a list of great stocking stuffers for travelers.

Stuffers for travel.

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Luggage tags

Fun luggage tags are a great gift for travelers.

The Locks were approved by the TSA.

If you have to gate check a bag, you can use one of the TSA approved locks to lock it up.

A waterproof case for the phone.

They can use this waterproof case to keep their phone safe and dry if they like to take photos near the water.

The eye mask is on.

Travelers like the classic eye mask. This eye mask is cute for female travelers.

5. Paper clips in Airplane shape.

These cute airplane paper clips are great stocking stuffers for travelers.

6. There are bottles bags.

Wine lovers can use protective bottle bags to protect their bottles.

The passport cover has to be signed.

Jet-settings will appreciate a cute passport cover. They are stylish and will protect their passports from getting damaged.

8. Travel inspired Keychain.

The key chain is a small and affordable stocking enhancer.

9. Cloth face mask.

A face mask is a must have for travel. Airportag sells a large collection of face masks with fun designs.

10. The luggage scale is digital.

Avoid overweight bag fee surprises with a digital luggage scale.

11. The phone can be used to split it.

It's a good idea for couples or families to use a headphone splitter.

The shopping bag is reuseable.

The bag comes in a variety of fun colors and prints and folds down to nothing.

13. Sanitizer with hand.

Everyone knows that if you get sick on an airplane, you'll get sick in your life, so you should put some travel size hand sanitizer in your stocking.

14. The containers are travel size.

Travelers could use travel bottles to carry their liquids.

15. The bamboo travel set is made of bamboo.

A bamboo travel cutlery set is a great gift for travelers who try to live a zero waste lifestyle. They don't have to use plastic utensils or straws while traveling with this travel pouch.

16. The bars are Eco-friendly.

This all in one eco friendly bar can be used for a variety of things. It is vegan and cruelty-free with a box for storage. Female travelers prefer variety pack beauty bar set so they can find their favorite scent.

The beauty gift set.

The travel beauty gift set comes with travel sized lip balm and other products to help you get through your flight.

The external battery is not a mains battery.

If you want to give a practical gift, you can give an external battery to a traveler who doesn't have an outlet.

Travel wallet.

Identity theft can be prevented with a passport holder and wallet. The travel wallet has a variety of colors.

20. The travelplanner is for travel.

Looking for a gift for a female traveler? She can use this to plan her next trip.

The Travel Journal was published on 21.

The travel quotes in this hardcover version provide inspiration but you can check out more options here.

Travel jewelry case

A travel jewelry case is a great stocking stuffer.

The universal travel accessory.

A universal travel adaptor is a must have for any traveler.

Travel toothbrush

The travel toothbrushes are very portable. They might prefer an electronic toothbrush.

A scarf.

A scarf is a great travel gift for women and will keep them warm in cold airports and airplanes.

There is a lens kit for the phone.

The kit is perfect for travelers who like to take great photos but don't want to use their phone.

The water bottle is re-usable.

A foldable and packable water bottle is a great gift for a budget traveler or someone who cares about the environment.

Travel themed coffee mug

This travel themed coffee mug will remind them of their travels and hopefully make work more enjoyable in between trips.

Personal water purification device.

A personal water filter is a great stocking stuffer for travelers that spend a lot of time outdoors, or travel to countries where the water is not safe for drinking.

The Travel Umbrella.

A small umbrella is a great gift.

The electronics organizer is 31

The electronics organizer will help travelers keep their digital devices organized.

Travel themed socks

Everyone can use more socks if they so choose. Women will love this pair of socks. These socks are for men who travel. There are more travel and aviation themed socks at Airportag.

There are compression socks.

Men and women get great reviews of this pair of compression socks. There are tons of colorful prints in compression socks.

A mini camera.

The instant mini camera is a great gift for travelers.

A packing list.

This premade packing list makes packing easy.

36. The Carry on Cocktail Kit has a cocktail.

The Carry on Cocktail Kit will help them get through the flight.

37. Travel themed phone case.

A travel themed phone case is a great gift. There are two cute options, one for an Apple phone and one for a South Korean phone.

38. Travel Christmas ornament.

An old world map or globe ornament is a great gift for a travel lover. There are more ornaments that are travel themed.

39. Vaccination card.

A vaccine card holder is important.

40. Travel inspired mouse pad.

A travel inspired mousepad is a great gift. There are various travel and aviation themed mousepads here.

41. Travel gift card.

A traveler loves free trips. You can get a gift card for Southwest Airlines or a gift card for your loved one. You can buy a GetYourGuide gift card for them to use on travel experiences, such as tours, day trips, and unique experiences around the world.

These gifts are great for travelers. Do you want to find any travel gifts in your stocking?

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