A Florida pelican ate a fish so big and spiny it got stuck. Then the bird sent a signal

An orca family group has been documented playing in the Monterey Bay for the second time this year.

There have been a record number of deaths of the manatees in Florida this year.

Get the best practices to help you shift to hybrid work.

The State College Centre Daily Times is published.

I couldn't reach him because he was stuck down there.

The state of Florida is about to use a rare wildfire intervention to save the marine mammals whose food is disappearing from the effects of pollution. According to an email from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission,Unified Command has approval to move forward on a limited feeding trial. The federal government authorized the move, which is unusual in the field of conservativism, which tends to favor leaving wild animals to their own instincts.

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources asked social media followers if they could identify a'slithery critter' photographed in a pine forest.

Before you go to China, learn these rules.

I can't prove that her will was signed weeks before her death, but I think it was fake.

She was attacked while going to her relative's house.

Trinity the Pekingese mix and Buck the Malamute were best friends at a boarding facility in Ontario, but were apart due to the Pandemic.

You'll understand why once you see the hazars.

One of the largest planets ever detected is around two stars with a combined mass 10 times greater than our sun and is an extreme family that shatters assumptions about the type of places where planets can exist. The planet, located about 325 light years from Earth, is a gas giant that is 11 times larger than Jupiter. It is a planetary class called "super-Jupiters" that is larger than our solar system's largest planet.

The Indonesian island of Lombok is known for its famous surfing spots. Dramatic footage captured on Monday shows the moment two homes were washed away by a river in the western part of the island. The houses can be seen crashing into a bridge and getting crushed by the force of water against the structure. More than 400 families were affected by the flooding and the slides.

It took weeks for the dog's owner to figure out what was going on.

He's been called out.

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The driver of a car that was partially submerged in water near the edge of the Falls was not rescued until after the Coast Guard diver had descended from the sky. The body of a woman in her 60s was pulled out of a car by a rescue swimmer after he descended from a helicopter. After two minutes, Duryea emerged from the vehicle and signaled to the helicopter, which then hoisted him and the motionless driver from the water.

Natural disaster was rarely seen in Hawaii as cameras captured images of a powerful storm on Tuesday.

What caused the actor to leave?

The American City Business Journals are published.

Chris Nassetta made his first comments on the reports that his company will take over management of the Trump International Hotel in D.C. The Wall Street Journal reported last month that a Miami investment firm had reached a deal with the Trump Organization to purchase the lease on the federal-owned hotel property for $375 million, a record amount for a hotel sale in the District.

The best physical evidence for a crucifixion in the Roman world was found at the housing estate.

Oakland, California, and Aguadilla, Puerto Rico are not currently served by any airline.

The threat from the "radical left" was similar to that of the Nazis according to the Ohio Republican. Critics hit back.

EU finance ministers agreed on Tuesday to change EU rules so that they can cut the VAT on goods and services linked to fighting climate change, health protection and making the EU more ready for the digital age. They agreed to phase out some of the lower VAT rates on fossil fuels and other goods that add to greenhouse gas emissions by the year 2030. The EU's minimum VAT rate is 15% for all goods and services, except for a list of exemptions where the reduced VAT rate must be at least 5%.

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