Don't regret saying that 'I still own' Chicago Bears, not worried about retribution


Rodgers has no regrets about the trash talking Bears fans.

After his touchdown run against the Bears, Rodgers shouted "I still own you!" (0:56)

5 pm

When the Green Bay Packers played the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field, Rodgers told them and their fans that he still had control over them.

They meet again on Sunday night at Lambeau Field.

He made a point to say he directed it toward the fans who were giving him the bird, when asked if he expects any trash talking from the Bears players.

It seems like he wouldn't change anything about it.

"I don't know if you can question a lot of what I said," Rodgers said. We have gotten the better of them the last 27 times we've played them. The trash talk is only used if you're going to get after the person that was trash-talking. In order to trash-talk, you have to have a lot of confidence in what you're going to accomplish in the future.

I said something that will be used against me at some point. I think the record speaks for itself, and I have no regrets about what I said. I understand. At some point that will be used against me. It is what it is. I don't regret saying it.

Rodgers is 22-5 as a starter against the Bears and has won five in a row. It's the third-best winning percentage by a quarterback with at least 25 starts against an opponent since 1950, behind only Tom Brady against the Buffalo Bills and Ben Roethlisberger against the Cleveland Browns.

"I'm sure they will have some comments, but it's not false," Packers receiver Davante Adams said. You don't have to be upset about the comment that 12 made. It is what it is. We will see if they have anything to say on Sunday.

On Wednesday, Rodgers did not practice because he was resting his fractured pinkie toe. Coach Matt LaFleur was unsure if Rodgers would practice on Thursday or Friday. Rodgers did not practice leading up to the game against the Rams.

The Packers had a bye last week and Rodgers took a break to see how his injured toe heals.

When asked how his toe felt, Rodgers said he would have to see. This was a good time to heal and not do anything for 10 days. That has been really helpful. We hope that we can get on the other side of this.

We don't know how the healing will go after the game and then the pounding that will happen on Sunday. We will see how it recovers on Sunday or Monday.