Apple Wallet Now Supports Hotel Keys From Some Hyatt Locations

New features for the Wallet app include support for car keys, hotel keys, HomeKit house keys, and IDs. As of today, Apple wallet will support hotel keys, which is a feature that has yet to be rolled out.

Hyatt, a well-known hotel chain, today announced that it is adopting Apple's Wallet technology and will be introducing Apple Wallet room keys across six U.S. hotels in Hawaii, Key West, Chicago, Dallas, Silicon Valley, and Long Beach.

Customers at participating hotels will be able to add a room key to the Wallet app and then use their Apple Watches to get into their rooms. Adding a key to Apple Wallet requires the latest version of the software, and it also works with an Apple Watch.

Guests can use their device near the door's lock to access key card-protected areas, and with the Express Mode, an iPhone does not need to be unlocked to use the room key. The Power Reserve feature allows the phone to be used for up to five hours if the battery runs out.

Hyatt members can add their room key to Apple wallet after placing a reservation, and the wallet entry will let them know when check-in time arrives. The Apple wallet key will be activated when the room is ready for the guest. Customers can use the Hyatt app to change their room key through Apple Wallet, and the hotel can remotely update the guest's room key in Apple Wallet.

Hyatt expects the Apple wallet key technology to be rolled out across all global properties in the future.