Kuo: Second-Generation Apple AR Headset to Launch in 2024 With Lighter Design, Redesigned Battery System, and More

Apple is working on a second-generation augmented reality headset that will feature a lighter design, a faster processor, and a new battery system, according to an investor note obtained by MacRumors.

Apple is expected to launch a device in 2022. The device will be usable without an Apple device and will feature a Mac-level computing power.

The development of the second generation of the headset is already underway and will be launched in 2024, according to a report today. The analyst said that it will feature a lighter design and a new battery system.

The shipment schedule for the second-generation augmented reality headset will likely be in 2H 24. The second generation of the device will be lighter in weight, have a better battery system, and have a better processor compared to the first model.

The first generation of Apple's augmented reality headset will weigh around 300 to 400g and be able to "seamlessly switch between augmented and virtual reality to provide an innovative headset experience."

Apple's first augmented reality headset is expected to be a niche product geared towards developers with a focus on communication, media consumption, and gaming. The Apple product line could eventually replace the iPhone in 10 years, according to a report.

The first generation of Apple's augmented reality headset is one of several new products Apple is expected to announce in the year 2022, including five new Macs, three new Apple Watches, and updates to the iPhone lineup. We have a list of everything we know about Apple's augmented reality headset.