Elon Musk unloads on Biden's big social and climate spending bill: 'I would just can this whole bill. Don't pass it'

The former president repeatedly snubbed Biden at the annual event.

The Biden administration removed Sean and Russell from the academy's board.

Cash out mortgage rates from top lenders are the best today. You can view rates online. Over 20 million people helped.

A staffer who worked for Harris before she became vice president told The Washington Post that aides were "constantly sort of propped up a bully."

The former president is drawing attention after he admitted in an interview that he fired the FBI director and suggested that it allowed him to remain in office for four years. You might not be talking to me if I hadn't fired him.

On December 7, 1941, the Japanese attacked the U.S. naval base in Hawaii for the eighth time. At a time when we are trying to understand the exit from Afghanistan, this ritual remembrance has a lot to reveal about Americans' present-day understanding of themselves and their country's role in the world.

Do not pay high power bills. It's genius. Power companies are furious with this program.

The budget proposal for Florida includes plans to establish a militia that would answer solely to the governor. The [...] is different.

The old double negative trap was laid by the Deep State.

Donald Trump hasn't officially confirmed he's running for president in 2024, but it sure feels like it with a new anti-Biden ad that began running over the weekend. The former president decided that it was a good time to attack the current president over supply chain issues. Trump's War Room posted the [...].

You can get sound financial advice in a volatile market if you use the free tool launched by this startup.

A lot of the allegations of organized retail theft are not actually happening. Republicans and retail leaders are against the New York Democrat.

The Daily Beast has an exclusive interview with the Minister of Defense of Ukraine, Oleksiy Reznikov, who said that Russia may be preparing for a full-on invasion of the country.

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Some of our favorite films are unrealistic when it comes to depicting real historical events. These 20 are the ones who take the cake.

The town mayor was killed and another was wounded in a brazen attack by motorcycle-riding attackers that also killed their driver and caused villagers to flee to safety in a coastal village in the southern Philippines, police said. Mayor Darussalam Lajid of Al-Barka town was killed and Mayor Alih Sali of Akbar town was wounded by at least two men armed with pistols while walking in Zamboanga city shortly after arriving on a speedboat from their island province of Basilan, police said. They were trying to identify the two men who were involved in the shooting and the two men who were with them on the motorcycles, to see if it was related to a political rivalry.

A boycott of the Beijing Olympics will show the Chinese people that the CCP is isolating them.

Some teachers find that ignoring a student's bad conduct and instead praising other students' more appropriate behavior is effective. It is time to do what for the last six years had seemed unimaginable: note a truly appropriate statement from former President Donald Trump to mark yesterday's passing of Bob Dole. The title of a New York Times best-seller about the Trump era is aptly titled The Cruelty is the Point.

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Austin American-Statesman.

Sean Hannity made a false claim that the U.S. didn't import a single barrel of Saudi oil.

The detail comes in stark contradiction to Trump's denial that his bout with COVID-19 was not as bad as it seemed.

Readers share their opinions on a variety of topics.

It must have been very satisfying to correct most of these.

China said Monday it will take "countermeasures" if the United States calls for a boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics.

At a conference last week, a lawyer who has argued two abortion cases before the US Supreme Court said it was time to give up on the case. The country's highest tribunal is likely to cancel women's reproductive freedoms when they decide on two separate cases in Mississippi and Texas next year, according to a woman who has spent her entire career defending women's rights. Five of the nine justices are expected to uphold Mississippi's abortion ban after 15 weeks of pregnancy, setting a precedent for curtailing abortion rights in other states.

The country marked its national army day with a display of U.S. armored vehicles and patrol boats. President Joe Biden will hold talks with Russian President Putin on Tuesday to try to end the crisis in Ukraine. Zelenskiy is going to speak to the U.S. Secretary of State.