Jake Paul set for Tyron Woodley rematch after Tommy Fury withdraws

Jake Paul confirmed on Monday that Tyron Woodley would be stepping in for Tommy Fury.

According to reports, the fight between Fury and Paul was going to be in Florida, but the fight was going to be replaced by Tyron Woodley.

Paul said in his post that the fight had been pulled out due to a medical condition. At first, I didn't believe the news. It doesn't seem real. He will be paying me $60 instead of getting paid millions of dollars to fight me because he fumbled the biggest bag of his life.

I told my team I was ready to fight anyone on December 18 when they woke me up. They were Troy, Trey, and Trevor. I don't know who it is.

If Tyron knocks me out, Tommy Fumbles will get an extra $500,000. I outboxed him for the first time. He said he would punish him and leave no doubt.

After being defeated by Paul in a cruiserweight fight in August, Woodley has a chance to redeem himself.

Frank Warren played down concerns that the fight would be off after the 22-year-old was ill with a cold. Warren has not commented.

The December pay-per-view fight was to be at 192 pounds for eight, three-minute rounds.

Two of Paul's four boxing victories this year took place this year. In April he knocked out three people.

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