Italian man caught using fake silicon arm for vaccine to get travel/health certificate

A man is using a fake arm.

A 50-year-old Italian man tried to pass off a silicone arm as his own at a Covid-19 vaccination clinic in order to get a travel/health certificate without taking the jab.

Biella is a town in the northern Piedmont region.

Filippa Bua, the nurse, told local media that when she put the man in her arms, she found the skin and the color too light.

The man tried to convince the nurse to turn her back on him, but she reported him to the police for fraud.

Bua thought that he had forced the man to give him the wrong arm, and that he was sorry for him.

He admitted that he was wearing the fake arm to avoid getting the vaccine.

The man is facing criminal charges.

The Piedmont region's President and health councillor said that the case could be classified as "ridiculous", but that they were talking about a gesture of enormous gravity.

It is likely that the man paid hundreds of dollars for a silicone replacement after he decided not to be vaccine free.

The governor said that the incident would border on ridiculous if it wasn't for the seriousness of the act.

The man has been suspended from his job in the health sector after he was discovered to be a fraud.