Doctor Who Wants to Ring In the New Year with Some Daleks

Doctor Who is going to have some old enemies in the form of the Daleks in the year 2022, just a few weeks after bringing back the Weeping Angels. The holiday special titled "Eve of the Daleks" is about the return of the emotionless master race, which has been out on the sidelines.

The Doctor and his companions are teaming up with newcomers Sarah and Nick to fight off the Daleks, after the events of this week's finale. It is a race to survive and make it to the New Year after being trapped in a storage facility crawling with Daleks. The trailer doesn't do anything you haven't seen before when it comes to time loops, but it's still pretty intimidating to see a row of them bust out their cannons

The first of a trilogy of specials will be called "Eve" and will be the last of the series. The second special is supposed to be released soon after the first one, and the final one will be later in the year. Russell T. Davies will be the new showrunner, and the Doctor is currently being kept a secret. Chris Chibnall teased on the Doctor Who website that the holiday special would feature time traveling madness.

We need a little romance in our lives. Daleks, less so. The characters of Adjani Salmon and Aisling Bea will have to deal with both on New Year's Eve. It will hopefully prove to be the perfect tonic for New Year's Day.

On January 1st, Doctor Who: Eve of the Daleks will air.

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